General Mechanics

General Mechanics

What do we offer?

At Green & Gold, we work to achieve maximum satisfaction and confidence of our client when they are using their vehicle, be it a sedan or a 4×4. We offer a multitude of services adapted to the needs of your vehicle. We always attempt to prevent repetitive maintenance of the vehicle always using spare parts and supplies of leading brands to guarantee excellent performance and durability.

Maintenance operations

  • Oil change
  • Filters
  • Tires
  • Lights
  • Damping
  • Level Filling
  • Wear control
  • Brakes

Car distribution

The distribution system is the set of elements that regulate the opening and closing of valves at the right time and in turn, the inlet of the mixture, (fresh gases) and the output of the residual gases from the cylinders, at the right time after of the explosion. In Green & Gold we evaluate, diagnose and repair if necessary its distribution system to achieve optimum performance.


The clutch is between the engine and the gearbox and its function is to engage and disengage these two elements mentioned above. Its basic function is to transmit the force to the driving wheels. A clutch in good condition transmits almost all the force it receives from the engine to the gearbox, with an inevitable minimum loss of force. When the clutch, due to wear, loses its grip, it transmits less force to the gearbox, in other words, loss in friction increases, because part of the motor movement is used to make the clutch skid. As soon as this loss of power is detected, at Green & Gold we have the tools and knowledge necessary to solve these problems.

Gearbox repairs and Transfer Case

The gearboxes are part of the car’s transmission, and they play a very important role in establishing the appropriate traction force and thus adapting to the needs of the road or load. In other words, they are a speed reduction and torque increase mechanism that uses different stages of reduction with gears, which can be changed automatically, or at the driver’s discretion. The Gearbox or Transfer Case is a mechanism widely used in all-terrain vehicles with four-wheel drive. It is associated with the transmission allowing decreasing the speed of rotation of the wheels without changing the engine speed. In Green & Gold, we are able to address the repairs of both gearboxes and transfer cases, guaranteeing their reliability and durability.

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