Land Rover Specialists

Specialists in Land Rover since 1998, offering services based on trust, professionalism and excellence.


General Mechanics

Green & Gold maintains repairs and prepares your vehicles to ensure your safety and satisfaction during their use.

Preparations and Homologations

Our suppliers guarantee the highest quality of the parts used in repairs and homologations.



We are specialists in mechanics and bodywork; we make custom handmade pieces to return the richness to your vehicle.


We perform different types of cleaning: Body, seating, engine, and all appropriate to the needs of each moment.


Green & Gold is a car mechanics workshop as well as a 4×4 mechanics workshop located in Alcalá de Henares. We are specialists in Land Rover and in all types of all-terrain vehicles.

Our services

General Mechanics

Cars and 4 × 4

At Green & Gold we work to offer you the best maintenance, tuning and repair services for cars and 4 × 4 all-terrain vehicles.


Restoration of older vehicles:

Santana, Land Rover and Range Rover are brands that have created authentic masterpieces in the automotive industry. With our work, we make them shine like the first day.

Preparations and Approvals

Assembly and homologation of accessories

We assemble and homologate all types of 4 × 4 accessories of the main brands in the industry to guarantee their reliability and durability.

Vehicle cleaning

Exterior & Interior

Body, tires, seating, carpets, roof, windows, trunk, engine cleaning, in the Green & Gold workshop there is no notch that escapes us.

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